Tombstone Tuesday – March 16 – Thomas Earl Hayner

Thomas E Hainer was born on May 28, 1836 in Ontario, Canada. He was the son of Henry and Nancy (Schram) Hainer. Henry and Nancy had ten children; Hannah (1819), Deborah (1828), Valentine (1828), Benjamin (1830), John Henry (1831), James (1834), Thomas Earl (1836), Robert Wesley (1839), Mary (1841), Melissa (1845). They lived in Louth, Grantham, Ontario.

Thomas married Susan Bradt in 1855 in Louth, Ontario. Thomas and Susan Hayner/Hainer had eight children; Henry (1857), Alonzo M. (1858), Emma (1860), Willie R. (1864) Europe (1866), Robert W. (1869), Maud M. (1871), Susan Viola (1873) The first four children were born on Canada. Europe was born in Port Huron Michigan. Thomas Hayner is found on the payrolls for the St Catharines 20th Regiment of the volunteer Militia in 1866 before leaving for Michigan.

At some point between 1860 and 1870 several of the Hainer families surnames changed from Hainer to Hayner. I thought it was when they left Canada but it appears that the names changed just before they left to settled in the Michigan. It may have just been a clerical error. There is just no way to know.

In the 1870 Federal Census, I find Thomas and Susan Hayner in Romeo. Michigan. (it is ironic because this is the small town I grew up in until Jr High.) They have five children, Alonzo (1858), Emma (1861), Willie (1864) Europe (1866) and Robert Wesley (1869). Charlotte Morgan is also living with them. She is Susan’s widowed Mother. Henry has apparently died.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Thomas and Susan remain in Romeo, Michigan. They have six children living with them; Emma M, Willie R, Europe H, Robert W, Maud M , Susan V and Charlotte Morgan. Thomas list his occupation as Fishmonger. (I had to look up Fishmonger to see what it was. ) Thomas sells fish, does not catch them, but sells them. He may work with fisherman from Lake Huron and acts as a broker selling fish to grocery stores and food suppliers. It is interesting because the town of Romeo is 35 miles from Lake Huron. There may have been a fish market in Detroit but that was 52 miles away from Romeo. (Remember there were no cars in 1880.) About this time frame they were working on Interurban street car routes which connected Detroit and it’s suburbs. This may be how Thomas was able to get to various locations for work.

In an 1896-1897 Detroit Directory, several of the Hayner children, Emma , Susie V and R. Wesley, and their father, Thomas, are listed in Detroit. No street address is listed but they live in Building 282 and in apartment 3D. Emma is an actress, Susie V is a clerk and Robert Wesley is a carpenter. Thomas is a huckster. (I had to look that one up too! A huckster is a very pushy, aggressive salesman!)

By the 1900 Federal Census, Thomas and Susan are now living in Detroit. They have one daughter who remains living with them, Susan Viola. They have two people who are boarders or roommates, Albert and Charlotte Orr. Thomas still lists his occupation as huckster.

In the 1900 Detroit Directory, Thomas is listed but not Susan. Three of the children are listed as well, Alonzo is a packer who lives at 173 Poplar and his son, Guy Hayner . Susie is a cashier and she lives at the same address as her father, Thomas.

Seventy-nine years ago on March 16, 1915, Thomas E Hayner died. He died of oedema of the lungs and chronic Nephritis at the Arnold Home located in Detroit. The “Arnold Home” was a care home for indigent senior citizens who needed extra care and medical attention. It was founded by Reverend Charles Arnold when he served as minister at the St Peter’s Episcopal church. He founded the first Arnold Home in 1899. After that he bought up additional houses as they became available and more were needed by elderly patients. There were many senior homes dotted around Detroit that operated under the umbrella of Arnold home. Thomas Earl Hayner may have been under the care of Arnold Home from 1912 until his death in 1915.

Thomas Earl Hayner was buried in Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery. At this time I do not have a photo of his grave but when I get one I will post it here.

Rest in peace, Thomas.

Love , Jan

Thomas Earl Hayner is my three times Great Uncle.

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