Tombstone Tuesday – March 23, 2021 – Elisha Amos Howell

Elisha Amos Howell was born in October of 1849 in Bayham, Elgin County, Ontario. He was the son of Nathan and Miriam (Best) Howell. In the 1851 Canadian Census, Nathan and Miriam have six children listed in the census; W. H (1835), Nathan (1836), Elizabeth (1841), Elisha(1847), Lorenza (1849), Margaret (1850). In the 1861 Canadian Census, they have seven children listed; Elisha, Lorenza, John (1852), Lewis E. (1854), Alvin (1855), Margaret, Alice (1859). Nathan states that he is a farmer.

In the 1871 Canadian Census, Elisha remains living at his parents. He is twenty three years old. He lists his occupation as farmer. Nathan and Miriam have seven children and Catherine Best, who is Miriam’s mother, living with them; Elisha, Lorenza, Margaret, John, Lewis, Alvin, Alice.

On September 23,1873, Elisha Howell and Mary Ellsworth were married by Reverend R. B. Smith.

In the 1881 Canadian Census, Elisha and Mary are in Bayham. His occupation is listed a “Liberman” but I am thinking it should have been Lumberman. They have three children; Claribel (1875), Maggie (1876), Frank (1880.

In the next Canadian Census in 1891, Eisha Amos and Mary live in Dunwich, West Elgin, Ontario. He is listed as Amos in this Census. They have five children; Clara (1875), Maggie (1877), Loren (1881), Clarence Wilfred (1883), Merriet Roy (1887). Frank must have died since I see no evidence of him.

The next available Canadian Census is 1911. Elisha and Mary remain in Dunwich and have three children who live with them; Maggie, Fred (Clarence Wilfred) and Merriet. They are all adults. Maggie does not work but the two sons, Fred and Merriet list their occupation as Farmers. Wonder if they are currently helping their father?

By the time of the 1921 Canadian Census, I do not find Mary listed with ELisha. Elisha is living with Clarence’s (Fred) Family. He is seventy two years old.

Ninety nine years ago, on March 23, 1922, Elisha Amos died of a stroke according to his death certificate. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery in Dutton, Elgin County, Ontario. There is no photo of his grave stone at this time. I’ll add it at a later date if I get one. Won’t happen anytime soon with the border closed to Canada due to Covid.

Rest in peace, Elisha!

Love, Jan

Elisha Amos Howell is my first cousin, four times removed.

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