Tombstone Tuesday – November 16, 2021 – Coonrad (Conrad) Best (Jr)

Photo of Coonrad and Catherine’s Best Tombstone taken in 1941.

Coonrad (Conrad) was the son of Coonrad and Catherine Best born in 1799 in Germany. Catherine’s maiden name (Conrad’s mother) is unknown at this time. Coonrad and Catherine had three sons and a daughter. They were Casper( 1797), Coonrad (1799), Fredrick (1799), George (1803) and Elizabeth (1805).

Conrad Jr. married Catherine Louks. Catherine was born in Vermont. She was the daughter of Henry C. Louks and his wife Sara Sally Sluyter. Conrad and Catherine had 8 children. They were; Sarah Ann (1824), Miriam (1826), John Landon (1827), Hiram (1830), Thomas (1834), Catherine (1836), William Edward (1839) and Caroline (1842) .

In the 1851 Provincial Census, Conrad and Catherine are located in Dereham, Oxford County, Ontario. The children who remain at home are Hiram, Thomas, Catherine, (Wm)Edward, and Caroline. He list his occupation as farmer.

In the 1861 Agricultural Census for Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ontario, Conrad is listed. He has 50 acres of land. Forty one acres are tilled and growing crops and the remaining 9 acres are pastures for raising animals. In the 1861 Provincial Census, three “C Best” entries are listed in Dereham, Ontario. It is Conrad, Catherine and Caroline Best.

One hundred and sixty years ago today, Conrad died on November 16, 1861 in Dereham Township, Oxford County, Ontario. He is buried in the Best Cemetery located in Corinth, Elgin County, Ontario.

Probate document for Conrad Best’s Will

For me to find a last Will and Testament for my blog is fairly unusual. In this case, Conrad did write a will on November 15, 1861. In the will he is very explicit how he wants his estate handled. He had excluded his son Thomas for some reason. His estate was to be held in trust with his wife who would remain living on the 50 acres until her death at which time it is given to his youngest son, William Edward. All of the household goods and farm equipment were to go to William Crane and Hiram Best to be sold and the proceeds to be split evenly with all his children except Thomas Best.

Rest in peace, Conrad!

Love, Jan

Conrad Best is my four times Great Grandfather.

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