Tombstone Tuesday – November 23, 2021 – Rowland Gideon Leete

Leete Family Crest

Rowland (Roland)Leete was born on August 6, 1708 in Guilford, Connecticut. He is the son of William and Hannah (Stone) Leete. William Leete and Hannah Stone had seven children; Ann (1700), Elizabeth (1705), Margery (1705), Roland (1708), William (1711), Jordan (1720), Solomon (1722). Rowland’s name is found spelled as Rowland and Roland in many records. I will be using the latter for the remainder of this blog. Roland is a great grandson of William Leete (1612-1683) who was the first governor of Colonial Connecticut and an early settler from England.

Roland married Mercy Dudley on December 29, 1738 in Guilford, Connecticut. Roland and Mercy had twelve children; Timothy (1739), Ruth (1740), Sarah (1744), John (1746), Asahel (1747), Hannah (1749), Sarah (1751), Abner (1753).

Roland Leete’s Will

This is the first page of Roland’s Last Will and Testament written on the 10th day of November in 1767. He was a sick man and he knew the end of his life was near. In it he identifies all of his children and his wife. The probate file is 22 pages long. Much can be gleamed from probate documents. Roland was a fairly well off man. He bequest one third of his estate to his wife, Mercy. The remaining two thirds of his estate was divided among his children. Timothy and Asahel are to split the land in the town of Granville, Massachusetts equally. The marsh land at Mulberry that Roland owns is to be divided between his remaining sons and daughters. John receives the largest parcel since he is executor of his father’s estate. Abner and Miles will receive parcels that are slightly smaller but still big enough to farm. The daughters, Ruth, Anah (Anna), Hannah, Sarah and Rachel will receive one quarter acres of land.

Two hundred and fifty four years ago today, Roland Leete died in Guilford, Connecticut. He is buried in the Leete Island Cemetery though his grave location and tombstone were lost long ago burial records indicate that he is buried here. Leete Island Cemetery is at 15 Moose Hill Road in Guilford Connecticut.

Rest in peace, Roland!

Love, Jan

Roland Leete is my 6th Great Grandfather.

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