Tombstone Tuesday – December 7, 2021 – Thomas Best

Thomas Best was born on January 11, 1833 in Ontario, Canada, He was the son of Conrad and Catherine (Louks) Best. Conrad and Catherine had eight children; Sarah Ann (1824), Miriam (1826), John Landon (1827), Hiram (1830), Thomas (1834), Catherine (1836), William Edward (1839), Caroline (1842). Conrad was a farmer in Oxford County, Ontario. In the 1851 Provincial Census, Thomas is 19 and assisting his father on his farm.

Thomas married Rhue Anne Pringle, who was also born in Canada, on September 18, 1861. They were married by Rev G.R. Saunderson at the Strong Hotel in London, Ontario.

By the 1870 Federal Census, Thomas and Rhue Anne Best are in Kingston, Michigan with Rhue Anne’s parents, Lockwood and Mary Pringle. They have two sons; Alexander (1862) and Andrew (1864). Thomas and his Father-in-law are farmers. In the 1880 Federal Census, Thomas and Rhue Anne reside in Koylton, Tuscola County, Michigan. They have two children living with them; Andrew Clinton and Nora (Salmona Elnora) (1871).

If you look close at the Death certificate and Thomas tombstone, there is a discrepancy. The Death Certificate states that Thomas was born on January 11, 1833 in Ontario but the Tombstone states January 10, 1834. One day short of one year later. His death date on the Death Certificate states December 7, 1899 but his Tombstone says December 7, 1900. I am going with the death certificate. One hundred and twenty-two years ago on December 7, 1899, Thomas Best died in Kingston, Michigan. He is buried in the Kingston Cemetery, in Kingston, Michigan.

Rest in peace, Thomas!

Love, Jan

Thomas Best is my four times Great Uncle.

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