Tombstone Tuesday – March 29, 2022 – Lucinda Keely Clark

Lucinda Keely Clark

Lucinda Keely was born on January 23, 1836 in Huntington County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Sebastian and Catherine (Shultz) Keely. She had a twin sister, Sattia. Sabastian and Catherine had seven daughters and two sons; Margaret (1830), Harriet (1831), Sarah (1833), James (1838), Sattia (1836), Lucinda (1836), Catherine (1841), Henry (1844), Marie (1847).

Keely Sisters – Sattia, Sarah, Marie, Margaret, Lucinda
( This photo was shared by Sue Allen on Ancestry/Findagrave. )

In the 1850 Federal Census, Sabastian and Catherine are found in Wooster, Ohio with with eight children; Margaret, Harriet, Sarah, James, Sattia, Lucinda, Catherine, Henry and Maria. Sabastian lists his occupation as Merchant. Also living with them are two clerks ; A. B. McCurdy and B. F. Purdy.

Lucinda married Charles Clark in Wells County, Indiana on October 30, 1855. Charles and Lucinda had three children; May (1859), Nellie (1864) , Edgar (1866)

In the 1860 Federal Census, Charles and Lucinda are in Bluffton, Indiana. They have one daughter, May who was born in 1858. Charles is a carpenter. In the 1870 Federal Census, Charles and Lucinda have two children; Nellie and Edgar. Their daughter, May, must have died but I do not find a record of it. Charles continues to do Carpenter work.

By the 1880 Federal Census, Charles and Lucinda and their children are in Alameda, Oakland County, California. Charles is still a carpenter. By the 1900 Federal Census, Lucinda is a widow . She is living with her daughter and her husband, Jefferson Meyer. Nellie and Jefferson Meyer have two sons; Karl (1884) and Jefferson (1889).

Lucinda Clark’s Death Certificate

One hundred and seventeen years ago today, Lucinda Keely Clark died in Richmond, Indiana of acute Bronchitis. She was living at the home of her daughter’s. She was buried in Earlham Cemetery located in Richmond, Indiana.

Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana

Rest in peace, Lucinda!

Love, Jan

Lucinda is the wife of my first cousin four times removed Charles Clark.

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