Tombstone Tuesday – April 5, 2022 – Carlton Eugene Barkham

Carlton Barkham was born in Holly, Michigan on November 10, 1875. He was the son of James and Mary (Thomas) Barkham. James and Mary had four children; Myrtie (1867), Harry (1869), James (1872), Carlton (1875). In the 1880 Federal Census, James and Mary are found in Holly Michigan where they are recorded with four children; Myrtie (1858), Harry (1859), James (1867), Carlton Eugene (1875). James is a Miller by trade.

Carlton (Carl) married Louise Crawford in 1899 according to the 1900 Federal Census, though I do not find the marriage record. They live in Grayson, Texas. Like his father, James, Carl is also a Miller. He and Louise have one son who is 11 months old, Carl C born in 1899. They are renting a home on South Throgmorton Street .

In the 1910 Federal Census, Carl and Louise remain in Texas. They now own their home on East Cherry Street. They have two children; Carl C and Agnes (1905). They also have Louise’s parents living with them Dwight Crawford (1846) and Julia Crawford (1853). Carl is a Miller in a Flour Mill.

By the 1920 Federal Census, Carl and Louise have five children; Carl, Agnes, Hazel (1914), Dorothy (1917), Doris (1917). They remain at the East Cherry Street home in Grayson, Texas . He still works at the flour mill as a Miller. In the 1930 Federal Census, Carl and Louise are still found at East Cherry Street and they have four of their six children who remain at home; Hazel, Dorothy, Doris and James (1923). They also have Louise’ s mother living with them, who is a seventy seven year old widow. She is listed as D.H. Crawford but in a previous census her name was Julia.

Ninety years ago today, Carlton Eugene Barkham died of Pneumonia in Sherman Texas. He was buried in the West Hill Cemetery in Sherman, Texas.

Rest in peace, Carlton!

Love, Jan

Carlton is the first cousin of the man who married my 2X Grand Aunt, Gladys Losee. ( is a bit out there but the date was right and I could find data!)

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