Tombstone Tuesday – June 21, 2022 – Newton Losee

Newton Losee was the son of Edwin and Julia Ann (Payne) Losee born on June 2, 1856 in Genesee County, Michigan. He was the youngest of 6 children born to Edwin and Julia Ann ; Their first child was a daughter who died at birth, Charles(1835) , George O(1844), Ester Ann(1847), Rosilla(1851), Newton W (1856).

In the 1860 Federal Census, Newton is found with his parents, Edwin and Julia Ann and his siblings ; Charles (1835), George, (1843) Ester (1849), Rosilla (1850), Newton (1856). They live in Thetford Township, Genesee County, Michigan.

In the 1870 Federal Census, Newton and his sister Rosilla are the only two children who remain at home. Newton lists his occupation as Farm Laborer. He is 14 years old and has finished his schooling and is helping his father on the farm.

He married Nellie Best on August 26, 1877 in Thetford Township, Michigan. They had 10 children; George Stephen (1879), Edwin E. (1881), Mert R. (1882), Sarah A. (1884), Frank (1888), Harry T. (1890), Grover C. (1892), Dorothy Emeline (1894), Gladys M. (1898), Verna (1899).

The children of Newton and Nellie Losee prior to Grover’s death in 1926 – Mert, Verna hugging Gladys, Edwin (behind), Grover (behind), Emeline, Sarah, George, Frank is seated in Front

 In the 1880 Federal Census, Newton and Nellie are living in Thetford township with their new son, George. Newton is a farmer.

In the 1900 Federal Census, Newton and Nellie live in Greenwood, Clare County, Michigan. Newton is a farmer and they have ten children; George O (1880), Edwin Edmund (1881), Mert (1882), Sarah A. (1884), Frank (1889), Harry T (1890), Grover C (1893), Dorothy Emeline (1895), Gladys (1898) , Verna (1899).

In the 1910 Federal Census, Nellie is running a boarding house at 1505 North Sycamore Street in Flint, Michigan. Living with her are four of her children; Frank, Emeline, Gladys and Verna. She has four boarders too. There is no sign of Newton. The Losee name is written many different ways in the Censuses; Losee, Losey, Locey, Losie, Locie but I have searched as many as I could and still see no signs of him.

Newton died on June 21, 1912 at the age of 56 in Burton, Michigan according to the death certificate and is buried in Thetford Cemetery with most of the members of the Losee Family plot.

The Death Certificate gives us some interesting side notes. I have been unable to find his grave at the Thetford Cemetery even though the death certificate says that he is buried there.  Nellie may not have had money enough to buy one. The township office which would have had all the cemetery records, burned many years ago and all the township records were lost.  I found it interesting that Edwin provided the information to the county about his father and listed Newton as a widow.  He indeed was not a widow. Nellie, his wife, was very much alive. She died in 1930. It is also interesting that he listed Newton’s father’s name as William Losee.  His father’s name was Edwin Losee.  Edwin, was named after his Grandfather. It is also interesting that he did not know his Grandmother’s maiden name, Payne. The Payne family members are also buried in the cemetery. 

The research I do for every Tombstone Tuesday blog most often answers many questions but sometimes it raises more that I will need to research.

Rest in Peace, Newton!

Love, Jan

Newton was my 2X Great Grandfather on my Father’s maternal side of the family.

This post is a rewrite of a previous blog on a different platform.

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