Tombstone Tuesday – June 28, 2022 – Barbara Kinnaman Whelchel

Barbara Kinnaman was born on February 3, 1826 in Montomery County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Walter and Barbara (Williard) Kinnaman. Walter and Barbara had nine children; Hiram (1809), Samuel (1810), Susannah (1813), Margaret (1818), Solomon (1818), Henry (1820), Andrew (1822), Hannah (1824), Barbara (1826)..

In the 1850 Federal Census for Green Township, Madison County, Indiana, Barbary is 23 years old and remains with her parents. Also living with them appears to be a widowed relative, Edmund who is with several children , John, Henry, Lucinda and Susan. Edmund, John and Henry were born in Indiana and Lucinda and Susan were born in Missouri. I am guessing that it is a son but I can not be certain. It’s an investigation for another time.

Barbara married Mayberry Whelchel some time soon after the 1850 Census. In the 1860 Federal Census, Barbary Whelchel and her husband Mayberry live in Green Township, Madison County, Indiana with their five year old daughter, Martha (1855). In the 1870 Federal Census, Barbary and her husband, Mayberry remain in Indiana and they have two children; Martha and John (1861).

In the 1880 Federal Census, Mayberry and Barbary are listed in Madison County with their nineteen year old son, John.

One hundred thirty six years ago on June 28, 1886, Barbara Whelchel died in Indiana. She is buried in Helms Cemetery, Hamilton County, Indiana.

Rest in peace, Barbara.

Love, Jan

Barbara Kinnaman Whelchel is the aunt of the wife of my third Great Uncle. I posted on the Haystack Blog too…by mistake…but I think I’ll leave it.

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